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The TWIGA SPV TRAX offers two arm sets with reaches of 8.5 and 13 metres respectively.Designed for professional landscape use, the machine is especially focused on works in boggy areas or environments when traction is important.

Ideal for mowing when fitted with a flailhead the TWIGA SPV TRAX allows simultaneous movement of the tracks and the arm functions, which makes it far more versatile than a conventional excavator.

Also available with other attachments the TWIGA SPV TRAX is often specified with a mowing bucket for the maintenance of ditch embankments.


  • Electric proportional controls
  • 115HP engine
  • 360 degree cabin rotation
  • 2.8 metre tracks

  • Optimum visibility
  • 2.5 metre working width
  • 360 degree cutting
  • Independent service pumps

  • Hydraulic parking brake
  • Air conditioning


Motor: John Deere PowerTech 4045 Turbo Common Rail
Cylinders: 4
Cooling system: Liquid
Swept volume: 4.5l
Power: 104kw (140hp)
Nominal: 2400rpm
Tank capacity: 260l
Movement hydraulic system
Circuit: Closed
Pump: Piston
Capacity: 215 l/min
Pressure: 350 bar
Cutting head hydraulic system
Circuit: Closed
Pump: Piston
Capacity: 140 l/min at 2000rpm
Pressure: 290 bar
Monolithic arm hydraulic system
Pump: Piston
Capacity: 140 l/min at 2000rpm
Pressure: 300 bar
Electric system
Battery: 180Ah
Alternator: 12V – 120A
Traction: NCrawler under wagon
Transmission: 2 speed hydrostatic
Max. road speed: 7 km/h
Parking: Hydraulic inside
Standard: Metal tracks 600mm wide and 3.8 meters long, guarantee a reduced specific pressure to the ground (0.2kg/cm2)
Cab: 89/514 CE
Air conditioning: Fitted as standard
Test certification: FOPS / ROPS
Machine weight
Machine Weight (empty): 1000kg

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