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Cost savings associated with the purchase of non-genuine spare parts can be difficult to dismiss, however it is worthwhile considering the longer term performance of your machine and not just the short term financial gains when setting out to repair or refurbish your Spearhead product.

Spearhead consider all parts not supplied or manufactured by Spearhead as imitation or copied, it is impossible to guarantee their reliability and they may cause damage to your machine.

Not only can non-genuine spare parts cause damage to your machine they may also result in lower performance and they most certainly invalidate the machine’s warranty. All in all the potential results are almost always negative.

Genuine – not necessarily more expensive!

Purchasing Genuine Spearhead Parts sometimes actually costs a lot less than taking the spurious route. It really is worth seeking a quotation from your local dealer or Spearhead directly.

Furthermore Genuine Spearhead Parts also provide our customers with the peace of mind that their machine will perform better when the components fitted are designed, tested and perfected by Spearhead, with a view to constantly raising quality, reliability, durability and safety standards.

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