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When you need fast, intensive output, Multicut 650 Pro-line won’t let you down. Clearing over eight hectares per hour, it powers through your workload.

Five rotors, each with our renowned six-blade Starcut system, achieve far more than any other 6.3 metre mower. And with five rotor gearboxes, all with slip clutch protection (plus our 7-year warranty), this top performing Multicut delivers your every demand.

Your comfort is guaranteed thanks to hydragas suspension, a walking axle, and wider wheels. Plus, folding wings make road journeys easy.

  • Rapid output guaranteed.
  • 30 steel blades over five rotors.
  • Endless features ensure a smooth ride.

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Multicut 650 Proline features
Multicut 650 Proline Blade System

Standard Specification

Machine weight*: 3300kg (7275lbs)
Hitch: Multi-positional drawbar
Cutting width: 6.28m (20′ 7″)
Working machine width: 6.47m (21′ 3″)
Transport machine width: 2.70m (8′ 10″)
Maximum working length: 5.07m (16′ 8″)
Transport length: 4.93m (16′ 3″)
Deck height**: 0.23m (9″)
Transport height: 2.90m (9′ 7″)
Cutting height: 25mm – 210mm (1″ – 8 1/4″)
Cutting capacity: 100mm (4″)
Wing working angles: 45° up / 15° down
Recommended tractor HP: 90hp / 67kW
Power take-off speed: 1000 rpm
Gearbox [splitter]: Cast Iron housing
Gearbox [rotor gearbox (x5)]: Cast Iron housing
Input shaft: 1-3/8″ Z21 or Z6 SFT 8 tractor end
Gearbox lubricant: EP80-90W or GL-4 / GL-5 oil
Gearbox oil capacity [splitter gearbox]: 2.7 litres (4.7 pints)
Gearbox oil capacity [centre + inner rotor gearboxes (x3)]: 4.3 litres (7.6 pints)
Gearbox oil capacity [outer rotor gearboxes (x2)]: 4.3 litres (7.6 pints)
Deck construction: All welded construction
Deck material thickness: 6mm (1/4″)
Side skirt material thickness: 5mm (3/16″)
Skid construction: Replaceable bolt on skid shoes
Anti-scalp dish [centre rotor + inner wing rotors]: 6mm (1/4″) round pan with blade holder bar
Anti-scalp dish [Outer Wing Rotors (x2)]: 5mm (3/16″) round pan with blade holder bar
Blades (15): 12mm (1/2″) 30 Carbon Boron hardened and tempered. Free swinging high lift – low friction
Blade tip speed: 79mps (15551fpm)
Driveline: ASAE Category 6
Driveline protection: 2/4-way slip clutches on rotor gearboxes. Overrun on input shaft
Tailwheel mount assemblies: Tubular welded walking axles
Tailwheels (x8): 21×9 14 PLY wide pneumatic tyre with steel rim
Front guard: Single chain guards on each deck
Rear guard: Single chain guards on each deck
* Weight may vary dependent on machine specification
** Underside of deck to skid

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