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The Multicut 300 is of extremely robust construction, designed and built specifically for the rigorous conditions of set-aside, general mowing and scrub clearance.

The twin rotors, each with massive double blade holders and robust 12 millimetre thick spring steel blades are capable of cutting and mulching scrub up to 100 millimetre thickness.

Like all Spearhead machines the underside of the deck is also important; providing a uniform full width fanned spread of mulched mowings leaving a very professional finish on the roughest of terrain.

The floating linkage combined with the wide full length skids and trailing wheels ensures the machine follows the most uneven ground contours and a special shaft drive system throughout ensures a positive transmission for maximum efficiency and total reliability.

Delivering more power than previously, the Multicut 300 comes complete with a maximum 165hp driveline designed for the most demanding of working environments, certified with Spearhead’s extended 7 year gearbox warranty.

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Multicut 300 Rotary Mower
Multicut 300


Standard Specifications

Machine weight*: 990kg (2183lbs) with front and rear single chain guards
Hitch: Category 2 with floating clevis top link
Cutting width: 2.84m (9′ 4″)
Overall width: 3.03m (10′)
Overall length: 2.73m (9′)
Deck height**: 0.24m (10″)
Cutting height: 10mm – 350mm (1/2″ – 14″)
Cutting capacity: 100mm (4″)
Recommended tractor HP: 50hp (37kW)
Power take-off speed: 1000rpm
Gearboxes [x3]: Cast Iron housing
Input shaft: 1-3/8″ Z6 input shaft
Gearbox lubricant [splitter gearbox]: EP80-90W or GL-4 / GL-5 oil
Gearbox lubricant [rotor gearboxes (x2)]: 85W-140 oil
Gearbox oil capacity [splitter gearbox]: 1.7 litres (3.0 pints)
Gearbox oil capacity [rotor gearboxes (x2)]: 4.3 litres (7.6 pints)
Deck construction: All welded construction
Deck material thickness: 5mm (3/16″)
Side skirt material thickness: 6mm (1/4″)
Anti-scalp dish: 5mm (3/16″) round pan with blade holder bar
Blades (x6): 12mm (1/2″) 30 Carbon Boron hardened and tempered. Free swinging high lift – low friction
Blade bolts: M24 C/W shank grade 8.8
Blade tip speed: 85mps / 16734fpm
Driveline: ASAE Category 4
Driveline protection: Automatic torque limiter
Tailwheel mount assembly: Welded box section arm and caster fork with 360 degree swivel
Tailwheels (x2): 5.00-8 rubber tyre with steel hub
Front guard: Single, two-piece chain guard
Rear guard: Single chain guard
* Weight may vary dependent on machine specification
** Underside of deck to skid

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