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The Sniper 150 compact flail mower is the perfect choice for the small holder or small scale amenity user with an eye for achieving a high quality and consistent cut in pasture, paddock and general vegetation control applications when working with a compact tractor.

This robust machine features heavy duty hammer flails fitted on an electronically balanced spiral rotor ideally suiting it for light scrub clearance in material up to 30mm. Dependable power transmission is given through dual belt drive and in combination with full width adjustable skids and rear roller with scraper to ensure a quality, well distributed cut.

The Sniper 150 features a cutting width of 1.5 metres with an adjustable mounting headstock that can be manually offset by 100mm to further aid the working requirements of the operator.



Sniper 150 Compact


Machine weight: 235kg (518lbs)
Hitch: Cat 1-2 with floating clevis top link
Hitch position: Rear mount only
Cutting width: 1.50m (4′ 11″)
Overall width:1.67m (5′ 6″)
Overall length: 0.78m (2′ 7″)
Cowl height: 422mm (1′ 5″)
Cutting height: 10mm – 50mm (0.4″ – 2″)
Cutting capacity: 30mm (1.2″)
Maximum offset distance (hydraulic): 100mm (4″)
Recommended Tractor HP: 15 – 30hp (12 – 23kW)
Power take-off speed: 540/1000rpm
Gearbox: Cast iron housing with integrated enclosed connecting shaft
Input shaft: 1-3/8″ Z6
Gearbox lubricant: EP80-90W or GL-4 / GL-5 oil
Gearbox oil capacity: 0.8 litres (1.7 pints)
Cowl construction: All welded construction
Skid construction: Replaceable bolt-on skid
Flail: Heavy duty hammer flail
Flail quantity: 22
Flail tip speed: 41 m/s (8070 fpm)
Rotor diameter: 114mm (4.5″)
Roller diameter: 114mm (4.5″)
Number of belts: 2

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