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Quality Assurance Policy

Spearhead Machinery Ltd is totally committed to achieving the highest possible level of quality in all of the products and services delivered to its Customers. This commitment was substantiated in 2016 by its registration with the British Standards Institution as a company with assessed capability in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our present Quality Management System is compliant to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Spearhead Machinery Ltd’s objective is one of continual improvement to the Quality Management System, including the processes needed to deliver exceptional results and the interaction of those processes both internally and externally.

Spearhead Machinery Ltd has determined a number of processes needed for the Quality Management System. These processes have been established by Top Management within the relevant departments.

Specific measurable objectives contributing to continual improvement have also been established by Top Management. To ensure that the objectives are being met, they are reviewed by Top Management, on a regular basis, for suitability and effectiveness.

The provision of quality assurance for Spearhead Machinery Ltd’s customers in relation to its products is sound commercial practice and ensures it meets the ever increasing legislation governing our products’ fitness for purpose, performance, safety and reliability. Therefore the establishment of quality objectives is vital, with specific objectives set at Management Reviews.

To succeed in the objectives there must be adherence to the Quality Management System in every aspect of the company’s business, and this involves all employees being responsible and accountable for the operation of the Quality Management System.

There must be a shared commitment by Spearhead Machinery Ltd suppliers, as the quality of finished product is dependent on the initial quality of materials received.

Where necessary Spearhead Machinery Ltd shall maintain documented information to support the operation of its processes. Where this is a necessity this is documented within the relevant process.

In addition it is also sometimes necessary to retain documented information so to ensure confidence that the processes are being carried out as planned. Where this is a necessity this is documented within the relevant process.

Maintenance of Spearhead Machinery Ltd’s Quality Management System and hence its British Standards Institution registration depends on the everyday actions of all Spearhead Machinery Ltd employees. The departmental Quality Policies of Spearhead Machinery Ltd are co-ordinated by the responsible Management Representative, who has the authority and responsibility to implement and improve the Quality Management System at all times.

Ultimately Spearhead Machinery Ltd is judged by the products and services that it supplies to its customers.


Director of Sales and Marketing

Spearhead Machinery Ltd

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