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Helping lay the foundations of the nation’s health.


We can all play our part in improving our nations’ health. So together, let’s lay the foundations of the nation’s health.

With the Pandemic now hopefully heading towards a state of normal, there is a nationwide renewed focus on personal health …and at the core of personal health is food – healthy food and healthy eating…

Healthy Soil is Healthy Food

Healthy soil is the foundation of that healthy food. Increasing soil organic matter by just 1% unlocks a lot of benefits.
Nothing is more important to soil health than organic matter for both productivity and environmental quality.

Antony Prince, Sales and Marketing Director, Spearhead:  “At Spearhead we are dedicated to continuously improving the efficiency of our machinery and the sustainability of the many processes that they serve – we must all play a part in the ongoing fight against climate change and how it will affect our future lives on this planet”

Soil health also brings wider benefits – healthier soil helps to improve the quality of ground and surface water. As soil becomes a more effective filter, sediment and nutrient loads are reduced in runoff.

Choose the best equipment for the job

We know that by utilising our Spearhead Rotary Mowers and Mulchers (the Multicut and Stubble Master ranges) – post-harvest effectively aids the decomposition of organic matter – both speeding up the process and helping aid the soil structure more effectively.


Our Stubble Master Range blade system cuts in two heights and two steps – this guarantees maximum pulverisation against horsepower is achieved. The blades and additional mulching knives mix fine soil particles with mulched material – this produces the perfect environment for the essential fast decomposition. Not only that but it also encourages unwanted volunteers to germinate.

The recent news stories on the increase in global warming and. increased awareness for the requirement of us all to be playing our part in the Earth’s better management, show that now, more than ever, we all need to be doing everything we can to improve the quality of our soil, thus increasing the many benefits it brings to the food chain and the health of the whole nation.

Find out more about the full range of Spearhead Rotary Mowers below:

Find out more about the full range of Spearhead Stubble Master Mowers below:

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